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Transform your Company to be a Data Centric, Analytics Driven Organization

Headquartered in Kansas City, with a satellite office in Toronto, Squadron Data is a North American Data Platform, Data Engineering, Data Science and Analytics Services Company. Squadron Data is a select partner of Snowflake and has deep expertise in all things Snowflake. Squadron Data is the former #1 Professional Services partner of Cloudera.

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Unmatched Technical Expertise


Get help with your data strategy as you look to leverage a data lake and machine learning. Move quickly with cloud data engineering, consulting, and managed migrations. Get speed to insights from our analytics and business intelligence teams. We get you moving toward where you want to be.


Build your AI roadmap and use cases, get expert data science strategies, and build machine learning systems and applications. We open up your business to new opportunities.


Leave support and administration to the experts with Snowflake administration, Elastic Operations, and Elastic DataOps and MLOps. We enable your business to get the most from your data. We give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

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Chak Somaraju

Vice President

Chris Horbelt

Vice President

Caston Stack

Vice President

Scott Thompson

Technical Director

Cody Vliet

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