Build your Lakehouse in the data cloud with Snowflake

By: Tim Fox, CTO

I’ve spent the past 6 years living in data lakes and transitioning to lake houses. The move to Data Cloud with snowflake makes a bunch of sense to me for many reasons. Here are a few notable ones:

❄ Simplified Architecture: Lakehouse are inherently complex. Snowflake does an excellent job simplifying architecture so you spend more time gaining value from data. The go to market is incredibly faster because of this.

❄ Near-zero maintenance: Maintaining data lakes and lake houses is a real cross-industry issue that I see all the time. This is obvious value that I see snowflake deliver.

❄ Performance: With data engineering pipelines you often see performance degradation and instability. Snowflake gets you the best performance and dependability on the market. This also includes best-in-class instant scaling and concurrency handling.

❄ Security and Accessibility: Snowflake excels in making all data secure and easily accessible – regardless of type, structure or if data lives outside of an organization. This is essential for machine learning.

☃ Data Engineering and Machine Learning: Snowpark- With Snowpark, data engineers and data scientists cant take advantage of familiar programming languages and tools to develop and deploy custom data pipelines and machine learning models, reducing the need for specialized skills and increasing productivity. Snowpark also integrates seamlessly with Snowflake’s ecosystem of tools and services, enabling users to easily move data between Snowflake and other platforms and to take advantage of snowflake’s advanced security and governance features.

☃ Data Warehouse: Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehouse provides numerous benefits, including the ability to quickly and easily scale compute resources up or down as needed, pay only for what is used, and store and analyze structured and semi-structured data in a single platform. Additionally, Snowflake’s built-in security and governance features enable organizations to confidently store and analyze sensitive data while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

☃ Ingestion: Snowpipe – With Snowpipe, data can be ingested and made immediately available for analysis, providing faster access to insights and enabling timely decision-making.

☃ Object Cloud Storage: Internal Snowflake Tables – used by snowflake to efficiently manage and optimize queries and operations within its cloud-based data warehouse. External Iceberg Tables – allow for efficient querying and analysis of large datasets without leaving the object stores.